So.. I decided to try a new discipline type plan on the students... COMPUTER was put on the board... If I had to speak to them about noise, listening, etc. a letter is wiped away. If all letters are cleared they put their heads down... computer class lost... Well, I was a little over zealous and wiped very hard with my hand... the tip of my middle finger hit the edge of my white board.. causing great pain and a blood like blister! I tried to photograph the injury but it just looks like I am giving everyone the finger... I soaked it in Epsom salts and warm water tonight and if it still looks bad tomorrow I will see the nurse... But I will try to knit on though it!
No knitting tonight I had parent/teacher conference with Miss Emily's Kindergarten Teacher. She is doing good ! Yeah!

Tomorrow I will work on the Babe! One more leg to go! Then I will cast on again for the Gum Drop Hat!

Good Night! I took my Tylenol PM and it is kicking in.... All the words jumble together :0)

Knit On!


Sheepish Annie said...

Discipline is a rough business...things must have gotten pretty loud if you were erasing with that much energy!

Congrats to Emily on the good work in school!!