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And you can also visit Em and Me for family updates!! (See the post below)

New blog

I have moved to http://emandme.wordpress.com

Not a lot happening but I can keep everything in one place!

I am still around...

Still around... sewing more then knitting...

Check it out


I finished the Flip Flop Quilt!! And the "Choo CHoo Train" Quilt!!

You can see the sewing over here @ Heatha Sews!

And we got a call from the doctor! Looks like all will be well with Miss EM!! One final one on one with another radiologist for a second opinion but they think it is a weird form of blood vessels!

Where have I been....

Not sewing or knitting for a while!! Trying to get a handle on what is up with Miss Em's Spleen issue!! She is not sick or showing any signs of illness... But they are doing a MRI Tuesday with sedation to try and see exactly what is on it.... They are 99% sure it is nothing bad.... We tried a MRI without sedation a couple weeks ago... The doctor told me she would not need it... Well she got into the tube and flipped... I had her pulled out and we rescheduled.. But I heard they have an open MRI machine (no tube) that is just as good as the tube MRI but the doctor will not let us do it because he wants his radiologist looking at the films, etc. and frankly I am tired of arguing and waiting.. So we are doing it and making sure it gets done and done right this time!!

I did do some sewing on my flip flop quilt binding! And looked at my lizard ridge knitting!!

I am either going to bring the lizard ridge, BSJ or Deb Bliss Baby Shawl to the hospital while waiting for MRI to be done... it will be at least 3 hours there.. with EM in the tube for at least 45 minutes to an hour then 1/2 hour for recovery.....

A Reminder

Just a reminder of a few weeks ago!! It was freezing the other morning and there was FROST on the windshield....

I am hand sewing a binding on the Flip Flop Quilt!!

Log time no blog!!

So I have been spending a lot of time over at Facebook!! Not much of anything here... School has started.. I am sick! Lost my voice and terrible sore throat. I am on antibiotics just in case it is strep. I decided to join this!

I already sent out 2 postcards one to Finland and the other to Kentucky! I look forward to receive some from various places!!

Other news I am an Aunt twice over!! My sister had her baby boy on September 13th!! And then my sister-in-law just had her daughter Oct. 2nd!! I have a niece and nephew within two weeks!!
And no knitting or sewing to show for it!! i have been lazy!!

Long time no post!

So life has been very stressful but finally we have come to a conclusion!! Here is the story... Em had a final ultrasound for her kidneys (from birth) all was good on that end.... but they found what they thought was a cyst on her spleen! About 1 inch big!! She feels fine and does not bother her what so ever... never would have known it was there!! So blood work and ct scan! Blood work fine ct scan no clue what it is!! No one could tell plus around here we do not have a lot of pediatric specialists! So they send us up to a hematologist at the Maine Children's Cancer Center!! Talk about FREAKING out they try to stress you are only seeing the doctor for the hematology part not oncology!! But all the blood work for cancer, etc. came back totally negative. Exam by the doctor went great... They had special pediatric radiologists look at the CT scan... We get the call yesterday.... They do not think it is anything serious or cancerous just something like blood vessels or something weird... So another CT scan in October just to make sure it is not growing!! And her Tonsils come out in November on the 20th!! URGH!! I am EXHAUSTED!! I start work Tuesday! Tomorrow we are just RESTING!!

Miss Em started 1st grade!!! Sigh!!

On the knitting front a little has been done... I finished the Chick Hat for my sister's shower. And am working on a BSJ and baby shawl.

Quilting I have nothing! DH is now on 3rd shift and sleeping in the sewing room/bedroom! I need to move everything out but we are not sure if he is staying on this shift and only has a couple weeks left!!

She is growing up!

Miss Em has been working at her first loose tooth since the 4th! And Saturday night it popped out.... DH finally admitted he was a little sad.... The going rate for the first tooth is $5! My dad got her on the phone and was telling her to ask for $10 from the tooth fairy! Luckily she did not care in the morning!!

I started to finish the flip flop quilt... Boy that is hard to do!! I need to sew up a Choo Choo Train Quilt for the 10th of August!! I know I am not going to finish the knitting but may finish the Chick hat in time!!