Long time no post!

So life has been very stressful but finally we have come to a conclusion!! Here is the story... Em had a final ultrasound for her kidneys (from birth) all was good on that end.... but they found what they thought was a cyst on her spleen! About 1 inch big!! She feels fine and does not bother her what so ever... never would have known it was there!! So blood work and ct scan! Blood work fine ct scan no clue what it is!! No one could tell plus around here we do not have a lot of pediatric specialists! So they send us up to a hematologist at the Maine Children's Cancer Center!! Talk about FREAKING out they try to stress you are only seeing the doctor for the hematology part not oncology!! But all the blood work for cancer, etc. came back totally negative. Exam by the doctor went great... They had special pediatric radiologists look at the CT scan... We get the call yesterday.... They do not think it is anything serious or cancerous just something like blood vessels or something weird... So another CT scan in October just to make sure it is not growing!! And her Tonsils come out in November on the 20th!! URGH!! I am EXHAUSTED!! I start work Tuesday! Tomorrow we are just RESTING!!

Miss Em started 1st grade!!! Sigh!!

On the knitting front a little has been done... I finished the Chick Hat for my sister's shower. And am working on a BSJ and baby shawl.

Quilting I have nothing! DH is now on 3rd shift and sleeping in the sewing room/bedroom! I need to move everything out but we are not sure if he is staying on this shift and only has a couple weeks left!!