It was all about...

Christmas this year was sooo much fun!! All DD cared about was Baby Alive! Well.... Santa delivered!! Thank goodness one was found because they are a hot item!! Here is a pic!

Yes ! It pees and poops and eats "real food"!

And I have gotten two or three rounds on DH's sock done!! Yeah!! But we are going out to friends for New Year's and I have a feeling no knitting will happen.. it will be play cards night... We bring change and bet and play all night! We have not done it in so long it should be fun!!

I posted this first in Blogger Beta! Very confusing with the switch because I had tried it out a while back and since I was logged into my gmail account! It automatically signed me into my Beta account! And I cannot merge my Knitting and Such... Blog yet! I just have to remember this when I sign in, etc.!!
See you in '07!!


Sheepish Annie said...

Happy New Year to you, DH and DD! Glad that Santa pulled off such a great gift. That looks like one veeeeeeeeery happy little girl you have there! much longer is it until Feb. vacation?