Clapotis and stich markers

Do you think I could find my stich markers when I need them.... Nooooo!!!
I have finally picked up Clapotis again!! Trying to finish some of it!!

Still the weather here is soooo bizarre!! No SNOW and the temps have been
like balmy spring!! Only in New England!!

On another note! If there is anyone out there that would be willing to
send my DD a postcard or to let me know!! She is going to be 5 in Feb. and
loves getting mail!! Well, with Christmas gone she has been beside herself
at the post office with no mail!! I have looked all over the internet for
a small exchange but could not find one!!


devonaz said...

I would love to send your daughter an postcard, when is her birthday..just email me your address,have a great day, Devon

Sheepish Annie said...

email me your address and I'll send a card out! That sounds like fun.

I was a mess today. It was so chilly and I couldn't seem to handle it. Here in the tropical northeast we are just not used to the colder temps!

devonaz said...

I have another card coming for your daughter, my sons girlfriend sister who is 5 is going to send her one,,