Mother's Day....

It was a beautiful SUNNY Day!!! After visiting my mom's grave (Emily helped us plant a marigold there) we headed to my grandmother's.... She is my mom's mom.... She is 91 , lives by herself and drives!! It was a great visit! We love to visit Nana! Especially Miss Em because she spoils her rotten!! Then off to get my mother's Day present! I got this:
Kenmore 16321

So Far I love it!! I have my mom's old singer and my grandmother's Sears Kenmore but I really wanted something new and portable..... This fit the bill!

I had inherited my dad's mom's old Viking but the repair cost was almost 300 without a gurantee plud parts are no longer obtainable!

I am working on a little chick hat from itty bitty hats for my sisters baby due in Sept. (It's a boy!) Then to work on a hat for my SIL due in Oct! It's a girl!!