Did I mention it is HOT here in the Northeast! SO, found some punch needle embroidery kits the other day ! Loving it! Also, got my order from Knitpicks! The magic loop booklet and Deb Bliss Special Knits book and the yarn to make the emboidored kimono! But I must finish the Easy Baby Sweater first!! I promise pics soon!! Just has been sooo hot and muggy here I have not wanted to truly touch anything!

SO, husband and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary Wednesday! My sister came over and sat for us so we could finally go out!! We went to Wild Willy's Burger's in York! Great! But bring cash because that is all they take! Then to Inn on the Blues for drinks and finally hit Fin-O-Rama and played arcade games!! Exciting huh?

Oh and I am joining the Knitted Babes Knit-a-long (well I have sent the e-mail) i have had the book for so ling! and miss Emily wants one!! and patiently waiting for my Ravelry invite!!

Take care!!!


Sheepish Annie said...

I have melted. Utterly melted. Not good... But, congrats on the anniversary! That's a nice thing to have in the summertime!

BTW: I am going to need your address again. Your prize was sent back to me. I'm clearly doing something wrong here! You can send it through the school email since I suppose it's time for me to start checking that again. :(