From the Boston Globe, Sunday May 20:
"A New Hampshire woman celebrated a big birthday recently - her 112th. In
what has become a tradition in its own right, friends and family gathered
Thursday for Mary Jo Ray's birthday party at the Westmoreland nursing home.
Relatives say Ray has never had a serious illness and is healthy for her
age. Four generations of family gathered for the party, including Ray's
82-year-old son and 7-week-old great-great-granddaughter. Ray celebrated her
birthday in clothes older than most people: She wore a sweater she knit 94
years ago when she was 18 years old."


Sheepish Annie said...

Good lord!!! If I'm going to be wearing a handknit sweater at 112, I'd better get crackin'! I'm still suffering under the "Blog Sweater Curse." I'll probably just wear a pair of handknit socks and call it, "good....."