I am still around... Just VERY Busy!! I hardly have anytime lately at home
to get on the computer and look around at blogs or knitting!! Plus, with
the weather getting better we have been outside all the time!!

I joined a college basketball pool at work (it benefits a scholarship
fund!). Joined a recreational reading group!

On the knitting front! I need to start knitting for a baby!! My brother
and his wife are due in October!! So, I think I want to do a baby
blanket.... But, if it is a girl it needs to be purple and a boy who knows
the color.... Is their a purplish boy/girl color ou their? Hmmmm... Maybe
one of the multi colored yarns..... I really sould love to do a pinwheel

The Heere Be Dragone shawl has not progressed.... Have not even picked it
up :0)


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather!
Your package should arrive soon! Keep an eye out for it ;)
-there are some goodies for Miss Emily as well.
Your SP9 Angel.