No knitting.... Well my after school kids knitting group met last night
and all 8 seem to get it!!! Yeah!! I of course spaced it and forgot all of
my knitting I have been working on....
Then my Nana got admitted to the hospital from the ER last night! She is
going to be 90 next month, she is my mom's mom. And since my Mom passed
away 6 years ago she has been our life persay.... She just had cataract
surgery on her eye Monday and had a great check up yesterday morning....
My Aunt took her to breakfast and Nana was not hungry.Then she just
started getting nausea and throwing up... then said her eye also hurt! So,
off to the ER and had MRI's and fluids, etc. She of course got herself
all worked up and in a frenzy!! But, it was funny because my sister was
there and gave her a picture of DD that we had made the frame and printed
the pic for her to get well.... DD cures everything!! Nana
forgot about crying and her issues and talked all about DD!!! It's funny
because the world revolves to her around DD. She has many other great
grandkids from my Aunt's kids but Nana never talks about them (it is
because they never visit but we won't get bitter. There is alot more to
the Aunt side story!! But we won't go there! ) So, I will call from work
this morning and see how she is my Aunt is with her because she is the medical consult for her (won't go there... she is her only daughter now... but there is no clue on things!! )

Of course we hear all of her issues now that she was worked up fron this episode. How sometimes if she lays on her left side her heart races, and at her last Dr. check up her cardio gram the Dr. did not like something!! Of course Nana has also been thru two hip replacements, triple bypass,congestive heart failure, the death of her husband 10 years ago, death of
my first daughter 7 years ago and then the death of her daughter (my mom)
6 years ago..... So, if no one hears from me in a while needless to say there is a lot happening!!!


ollie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your nana...I'll be keeping her in my prayers that all goes well. she sure does have alot going on in her mind & so do you!! hang in there & keep your knitting nearby because that will help you get through it all. hugs to you & your family. ollie