And I say TGIF with GREAT exclamation!!! What a week @ work!!! I need to
work on many knitting related items this weekend!! Of course I say this
and normal life does get in the way!!! I need to work on the baby
sweater!! I still need to knit a quick pair of baby mittens... those
should not take to long... I have a pair of socks casted on in woolease
that I had in my stash. They will be for DH. That is about it.... I am off
to bed. I need to just sleep and not stress about work or anything else!!


Sheepish Annie said...

And it's not like we could knit at the stupid workshop!!! I mean sheesh! Could mr. principal man have been sitting any closer??? He likes me. I don't know his postion on the girly activities. Not gonna risk it!

Good luck with project completion.

kat said...

i'm declaring it a knitting weekend at our the same at yours ;)