To Order?

So, i love knitpicks! What a deal anything over 40.00 free shipping! And
anything under that it is still a good shipping price! I think I am going
to order Natural Knits for Babys and Moms. I really like a few patterns
and my sister is trying for a baby!! I want to knit her the Bump
Sweater.... In Cranberry Wool of Andes. Does anyone know if this yarn is
to itchy? And along with the order I am adding the Elizabeth I scarf
pattern and a couple of Alpaca clouds to knit the scarves. i have been
eyeing the pattern for a long time!! Plus it's my birthday Wednesday! So
why not.... So, I will decide later today or tomorrow!! Have a Great
Weekend!! i am lucky to have tomorrow off!! My husband has today and
tomorrow off!! Yep! He has every other Friday off and since his Friday off
is before Veterans Day he gets Thursday off!! How cool!!


ericah64 said...

You OK to be knitting baby/preggo stuff? I know sometimes I think I'm OK w/it b/c I'm so happy for my friends, but after a flurry of that stuff, it gets to me....