The mortgage payment showed up yesterday!! Yeah!! Phew!! Now I can rest easy!! I did get a new to me but old washer last night! I have been without a washer for months because our old one died so I have been doing laundry at the laundry mat! We did find however that we need new hoses to hook from the water hookups to the washer and DH needs to fit the drainage properly! I tried it out last night and it will work great! But as it was draining DD and I were watching the water sort of burp out of the pipe! DH assures me no big deal! And I also found the source of mysterious water/moisture in the basement! There is this huge pipe thing that drains to the sewer or somewhere? There is a leak at one of the joints, etc. ! We always thought it was serious condensation from the weather!! Now of course DH is freaking and think the worse.... Hey if it has been like that for how long?? Of course I have been searching for the correct terms to explain the situation and have no clue... I call it the very large PVC drainage pipe in the basement! I think it really just needs more glue or something... Maybe I will take a picture later and see if someone out there has the correct terms :0)

Hope to knit some this weekend but it is my grandmother's 90th Birthday Party Sunday so lots to do!!


Sheepish Annie said...

Yay! The mortgage check and a new washing machine...doesn't get any better than that. We'll just ignore the rest. Denial is our friend!

Enjoy your grandmother's b-day. 90 is quite the milestone!