Time Off?? Time to Knit??

Well... school ended Tuesday! I missed Sheepish's try at evading the staff and the "limo thing". I had one whole day off yesterday!! I start my summer job today, have Friday, the weekend and Monday. then work Tues WED Thurs have the long weekend then the summer camps officially starts!!
So, yesterday, DD and I went back to school to grab an important cord to power something I brought home then to get an ice cream. I stopped off at this nice little farm stand and greenhouse place... All was going great until DD saw the strawberries! I sent her around this center island to help put back the carry basket we used and she stopped for a strawberry... of course I do not blame her they were fresh and lookd wonderful but we were not buying any!! So, I paid for my stuff and hung my head and left... The staff was laughing but the little old people that were shopping gave me scowling looks... URgh!!

Then I cleaned (yes I said cleaned) my spare bedroom!! It is now my knitting/spinning and relaxing room!! I will have pics soon... I wish I had taken before but it would have been to embarassing :)
Now that I am home and on dial-up picture uploading can be a bear but I will see what I can do....

On the knitting front... not much...