I have pictures!!

Finally!! I got the camera to work on my PC!!
But I have dial-up!! SLOW!!!!! So, I am working on getting them up!! Plus, the program that they are downloaded with labels them with the camera labels and the browse feature on my PC does not give me previews when I upload them to blogger!! I miss my Mac iBook!! Still does not work and I have not had time to take it to be looked @!! I have pics of VT and of my Koigu!! Which I want suggestions for what I should make!! I just want to get a picture uploaded!! I was going to upload quickly from work at lunch!! Power went out!! I could do nothing!! Since I teach computers to K-4!! No planning done (wanted to start working on my Olympic unit!) and other things!! URGH!!

On the knitting front!!
I am starting a secret project for my SP7 to send!! Ooohh the suspense!! I worked another row on the wedding afghan sampler. I am going to put in a lifeline to the Mystery Shawl 2. I need to get out the baby socks and finish. And pick up Kate cat to finish for DD!!!
But, alas real life gets in the way!! Darn it!! I had to do laundry which involves the laundrymat!! Because our washer went a while back!! And I am refusing to buy the first thing I see!!!
Well off to get ready for bed I am pooped!!


Sheepish Annie said...

My washing machine passed away over a year ago. (moment of silence) I've gotten really good at handwashing. Of course, I don't have a child so throwing something in a sink with some Woolite is no biggie!

sk79knitter said...

I'm not sure how much Koigu you got, but there is a neat scarf in Last MInute Knitted Gifts that uses two different colorways. I think it's called "Chevron Scarf."

missemilysmom said...

Thank you for the suggestion!!