I finally got my batteries charged in my camera!! And had some down time!! Partly because Miss Em's Tee-ball and first year of school are down!! and I am on a short summer break until I start my summer job!! I also wrenched my neck again and have aggravated it with knitting and quilting!! So, I need to force myself to take a break!!
Ok so pictures will finally upload!! (Tried and Tried on the 25th no luck!)

This is the Flip-Flop Quilt for Emily's Daycare person who moved to Florida to attend College!
With my neck I have yet to sew the layers together.... Soon.... I hope
(this was going to be for my niece but then we had the person leaving and Em wanted to give her one soo bad!! and she LOVES Flip Flops!)

Then we have the Baby Shawl from Deb Bliss. For my nephew due in Sept.!! This I think is what aggravated my
already pulled neck... too much knitting!!

And Miss Emily! Tee-Ball Great! New Haircut and now Kindergarten Graduate!!
WOW! Time Flies!!

The next projects are:
A Sponge Bob Quilt for my niece (Though her birthday is July 1st not sure of that will happen!)
Finish 3 more chicks for the chick hat. I sewed one on and do not know if I really like it... But it will work. Work on baby shawl! Choo Choo Quilt and another Flip Flop Quilt!!