Ok is this odd?

Long time no blog! I have been very busy with work, etc. Em started T-Ball Wed. Crazy!!

But Does this seem odd or random.... here is the story:
DH had gone Turkey Scouting last night... Emily and I were laying on the floor in the living room watching a movie.. I was in my pj's... I had had a few glasses of wine... When all of a sudden my kitchen door flies open (not sure if Em opened it or XXX did)... the dogs go running out and Emily is yelling ..... Mommy it's XXX from school! XXX, her sister and mother just show up about 7 p.m. at my house to hand deliver a birthday invite (which is like May 25th!).... Well I am out in my yard gathering my dogs when XXX runs in my house and up to Em's room with Em in tow it could have been Em running upstairs with XX in tow it was so fast it was a blur..... So of course I invite the mom in who is apologizing for barging in, etc. Just was going to leave the invite on the door? Did not know where we lived but thought this might be the house..... Now my house was literally a DISASTER!!! Dishes piled up still had the food from dinner piled on the stove... My PJs are the ones I stole from the hospital when I had my gallbladder surgery not the most flattering but sooo COMFY! My head is a little tipsy from the wine .... Then the kids go running outside... I am forced to talk to the mom.... Oh my GOD I feel like an A*%!!! Where were the kids outside.... randomly all sitting inside the old dog house that Emily NEVER goes near but this time she decides to let them all pile in
Finally they left... with mom saying let's go home to eat dinner but who randomly shows up at people's houses like that? I mean it would be one thing to call first (has our number because way back in Feb. they randomly called) or if it was long time friends or family..... I felt a little uncomfortable?? I think me having the wine was the most uncomfortable part.... The one night out of a long time I decide to relax and have a glass or two of wine ..... URGH!!


Bridget said...

This sounds like our house at least once a week LOL! It's always the one day I decide to stay in my jammies all day and craft instead of cleaning that someone that doesn't really know me shows up. I feel for you!