BRRRR...Boy It's Cold!

We went from 50-60's to Freezing and a Blizzard! Miss Emily and I are SNOWED in today! I am off work and School is Canceled! DH went to work... He may come home after 1/2 a day depending on weather and how many people went in to work! When he left this morning it was barely snowing!

So... 2008: The Year of Knitting Fearlessly !
What am I to do... I want to do lace! And possibly a for me sweater!! I am going to look through my stash ! I am also thinking of taking on the Stash Down 2008... Basically the goal is to end the year with less yarn then you started.... So, even if you purchase yarn and use it it counts...


Anonymous said...

lace can be fun! i highly recommend the forest canopy shawl. :)

enjoy the snow!!

Sheepish Annie said...

Happy Snow Day!!!!!!!