So, missemily got a Webkinz! A Bullfrog! There is a whole world of Webkinz! We now have a Bull Frog named Sammy! Today we are going shopping for Webkinz accessories and trading cards! Possibly a charm... That's how they get you! Oh well.. When I was 5 or 6 it was the Cabbage Patch Kid and I had it all too...

I have been checking out Cashcrate it is a survey place and they pay you? Not sure if it is worth it but we will see!


Well we just got back from our Webkinz adventure! Okay I think I am addicted too... It reminds me of the Ty Beanie Baby thing... My mom collected them before she passed away... I remember the thrill of finding the "Retired" or "the once they are gone they are gone"....

We bought the Reindeer (on sale because X-mas Ended) then we went to a different store and bought the Penguin both the Lil' Webkinz and the regular Webkinz... Because they were a "once they are gone they are gone" then we got some trading cards.... (2 free packs with the penguins).. bought some pants for the frog she got for Christmas and a shirt for the penguin... It is hard to find clothes for the ones she has sooo... a Knitting project is born!

Of course I googled and found this over at Running with Sticks
and some discussion over here @ DIY forum

I am sure I can also make things up! And I will google and search for more!
Ebay here I come :0) This could be dangerous :0)

Here is the new "Family"

We have Sammy the Bullfrog, Lily, the small penguin, Sasha the big penguin
and Chewie the reindeer