I sit here thinking of the the "Hurricane" that used to be Noel... Here in New England. Thankful the Red Sox have won thus the baseball nights for DH are done... Thinking of my friend in FL who the hurricane missed... thus she got a day off because of Hurricane make-up day!! It is raining, the wind is blowing... and the people are mad!! I went into the grocery store to pick up toothpaste, cat food and shampoo! You would have thought the world was coming to an end!! They say it is going to be okay tomorrow! Really!

So, I am working on a baby sweater... but I seem to not remember where I left off in the stitich pattern... sooo i will take an educated guess! I ususally force myself to finish all 10 rows of the pattern before putting it down! Hmmm.. think I may have done that... but maybe not!! 


Sheepish Annie said...

There has been a great deal of rain...but it's not The End Of Days or anything. It's sort of unimpressive so far, really.

Happy Knitting and I hope you get that stitch pattern figured out. Yay for educated guesses! They always seem to work out in the end.