I am Supermom.... Maybe

So, now that DD is in Kindergarten things have got very busy!! She plays
soccer now... wants to learn Tae Kwon Doe @ the local Black Belt Academy!
We went and did the tour Wednesday... She was of all things shy!!! Very
strange! Well, then later @ about 6:00 decides to tell me her ear hurts!
So, after knowing not to wait off to the ER we travel! 2 hours later and 2
seconds of the Dr. looking ! Yep slight ear infection!! But, we have a
nice 3 day weekend! I am now deciding on whether to let her play in her
soccer game tomorrow or not....

On the knitting front not much to report! I had a class last night,
Wednesday Karate tour, Tuesday did not feel well and went to bed @ like 5!
Monday was soccer practice!! Maybe this 3 day weekend i can watch the
movie Knocked Up and Blades of Glory and just veg out!! i am also into
VH1's Rock of Love! And the reunion show is on Sunday night!!


Sheepish Annie said...

Kindergarten????? I suppose I knew this, but it really just kind of hit me. How did DD get so big so fast?

Hope she's feeling better soon and that Super Mom can take a well-deserved break.