Sick = more knitting time..

Well... Still sick but able to knit!! DD went to preschool/daycare while i
tried to go to work. Did not happen so i came home, slept, watched TV and
knitted! But I just viewed the Secret Pal 9 blog!! Love the Foxtrot
colorway yarn available for us to buy!! I will have to investigate if my
SP I am spoiling likes either!! I love the foxtrot.... It just looks
totally cool!!

But almost done with the back of the easy Baby sweater for my co-worker!
But tonight (if I can stay up) the finale of Project Runway!! I just love
that show!! I hope Michael wins!!


Sheepish Annie said...

Good heavens! You have really been hit with the sickness! Hope you're feeling better today. But that extra knitting time was probably nice...