I was visiting Shelby's Blog she is one of the great SP 9 Hostesses!!

List your favorite:

Actor - Patrick Dempsey (I love him in Grey's but remember Can't Buy Me Love!!)

Actress - Hmmm Nothing comes off the top of my head.... I honestly do not remember actors or actresses....I am lucky if i can watch a non-animated show from time to time!

Animal - Hedgehog

Band - Rascal Flatts

Book - Any Nora Roberts or all of the Harry Potter Books

Bubble Bath - I really do not take BB anymore but I love the giant fizz type balls they use to sell at Bath & Body Works

Candy - Mikes & Ikes

Color - Blue Purple

Drink- Alcholic -- Capt. & Diet

Non-Alcholic Water or Tea

Flower - StarGazer Lily

Food - Papa Ginos Pizza

Lip Balm - Any non flavored

Lotion - BAth and Body Works Lavendar

Movie - Dirty Dancing

Place- LYS or the local Cafe

Song - Life is a Highway

TV Show - Greys Anatomy or Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends

Yarn- Koigu PPM

Vacation Spot - The Lake and my camp