Wow... TGIF!!!

TGIF!!! What a WEEK!! I did get hedgehog stuffed and a somewhat face sewn on.... I should have sewn the face before stuffing.... Not sure what i was thinking!! DD loves it!! So that is all that matters!! Next time I am felting the backside more or throwing it in the dryer to shrink it better.

Knitting other then that has not progressed much... I have been fried from work!! I have all brand new technology at work both in my computer class and all of the classrooms... So all of this week has been setting up my room both computers and getting various other typical class things done and traveling to all 60 something staff to set up their computers and firld questions!! I think I will actually see kids next week !!


Sheepish Annie said...

Happy Friday!!!! I've had a pretty smooth transition, but I don't recall ever being so tuckered out! Say, "hi" to everybody for me. Miss you guys!