And the Things you Find!!

I was looking through some items I received on a visit to my Grandmother's quite a while back... It was one of those visits where Nana was in a wanting to get rid of things mood... And you just say "Yes, Nana we will take it...." Well I finally looked at the bag full of spools of thread.... I have always assumed they were bobbins of thread for my sewing machine I also acquired from Nana. But I realized today there was much more!! There are several wooden spools of silk thread from a company that date probably back to the 1920's. So, I know these were my great grandmother's she was an amazing seamstress from what I have heard!! They had at least 6 children and she made there clothes!! I also came across some what I thought was just lace like old yellowing trimming in my sewing chair compartment. I took them out today and I believe they are thread crocheted trims from one of my great or great great grandparents!! WOW!!!

What can I do with the silk thread... I honestly do not sew not into it... I guess I could embroider with it..... I also found a cool old sewing box and a wooden sock darning form!!

Pictures soon but the batteries died and I did not bring the charger home!! URGH!!


Sheepish Annie said...

Since it is vintage, you might want to get a wooden thread holder (I've even seen them at WalMart) and just display the silk spools. Silk holds up pretty well so I'd guess it is still useable, but I can't think of what I'd make with it!