Pink Arms... Pink Legs... WOW PINK!!

Progress... Lot's of PINK progress!! Here are the body, arms and legs of our Huggable Hedgehog.
Next is joining the yarn to create the neck and face.... I need to get out and purchase size 11 circs for when I start the back.... But, as we all know money is needed.... And working for a school district Sept. thru June is wonderful! But unlike most my label by parents, kids and most staff is "Computer Teacher" but in reality by State standards and on paper I am an "Educational technician" what does this mean? No money over the summer... and lousy pay. So Teachers receive 26 equal pays I get 21 equal pays. Thus my job for the Summer Rec program (which ended a week or so ago). But, I feel for the teachers this year (if you pop over to Sheepish she explains it all). But on a better note I did get a pay raise.... Instead of Education Technician II... I am now labeled Education Technician III... What does this mean? About a 4$ raise!! And they can now give me more and more work!! But that's alright.... Maybe I can buy my size 11 circs.....


Sheepish Annie said...

'Tis truly a grim month coming up, I must say. Financially, anyway.
:( But I think I've got it all figured out!

Congrats on the recognition! You've earned it. You work as hard as anyone there. More,than some... I'll try to catch up with you on the 5th!