I feel like such a HEEL!!

And that is a GOOD thing!! I sat down last night and finished the heel!! And it looks like a heel!! It fits like a heel!! I am amazed!!

On another note... I have determined my household has been hit by the "PLAGUE"! Yep!! I finally feel better after a WEEK!! DD is home with it after trying to go to daycare yesterday and DH finally went back to work today!! I am hoping DD can get thru tomorrow but somehow I think waiting till Fridat might be a good idea!!


Sheepish Annie said...

Congrats on the heel. Must admit, I was stumped by the stitch pick-up! You'll have to describe this... Perhaps this triumph will pump up your karma enough to drive away the plague that has befallen you.

mamma said...

I love turning the heel. It's like magic. It's addictive. Congrats!!!