What to do....

I am in a knitting slump... I have at least three projects going and am bored.... The baby sweater was cruising then I took a break.... The Mystery Shawl 2 looks great but still sitting there begging me to pick it up! The Wedding Afghan is just crying to be knitted!
I think I am exhausted! Work has given me STRESS!! I came in after vacation to a crashed computer network and two full days of classes... I am basically teacher and computer tech.... i was just done with the whole computer thing.... TGIF!!
So tonight I am going grocery shopping then try to watch Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie I borrowed from SIL and try to knit on the baby cardi.
And I really want to knit some socks with the TREKKING form SP soooo maybe those will be started. We will see!!


ttbookjunkie said...

Well one of the best things to do when you are in a project slump is try to start another one, who knows maybe the next one you start will be the one to get you going!

Amanda :)

Sheepish Annie said...

And you handled the computer crisis with grace and aplomb. It was a minor event that could have been major. I'm wondering if blogging about my projects is what is causing my slumpiness! I feel like I have to show off all this stunning knitterly stuff and it just makes it all pressurized. It'll get done when it gets done. It's a hobby, right? Life is not an episode of 24 and there are no obligatory explosions when knitting projects fall behind.