Another SP present!!!

I got a package in the mail today!! I do have pics but at home I have dial-up.... SLOW for pics. I got a ball of TREKKING XXL sock yarn! Andes candy chocolate!! Love them! Really cute tiny cards with a kniting motif! And a cute V-day SP card!! Thanks sooo much you ROCK!!

Sooo of course I had to stop a my LYS and pick up a sock pattern (Yes I have many but could not find the one I love.... So I bought another!) and the latest issue of IK Lving many things in this issue!

I hope to get some knitting done tomorrow.... I must do some work on the Wedding Sampler Afghan!! And I should be able to finish one front side of the baby cardi I am knitting.

So, nothing witty to say or report just resting and cleaning on this vacation.... And watching many Scooby Doo movies with DD!!


Sheepish Annie said...


BTW: The pix on my site really aren't that're not missing much! :)

sk79knitter said...

Glad you like everything - the knitting cards are meant to be gift tags when you make lovely knitted gifts for your friends! I can't wait to see what you do with the Trekking yarn.

Sheepish Annie said...

See you's over :<