Not much here....

Well I will have to frog my Mystery Shawl!! I got to row 56 and realized way way back I must have drop a stich or stiched to many together!! There really is no saving it with it being lacy and complicated.... So it is still sitting there!! Oh Well!! I did finish a simple scarf for DD's Daycare present... Started the second and have to make a third!!

I have been home since sometime Monday morning with DD.... Poor little dear has a terrible cold/cough!! She is feeling much better today! We even took a trip to the grocery store!! Although half way thru she asked to get in the cart!!! Then I knew she still was not feeling good!! We will see if she goes back to daycare/preschool tomorrow!!


Allena said...

i hope your little one is feeling better! it stinks when they're sick!
bummer about the shawl! maybe next time!