I have a Story to tell......


So last week when I was home with DD. She was sick with a terrible cold!!
Let me set the scene!! I was upstairs working on the computer....
DD was downstairs watching TV....

Doesn't She look soooo innocent!!!!

So I hear her YELLING!! About Sophie our Cairn Terrier!!
Doesn't she look sooo innocent!!!

So I go running downstairs. There is DD with all of the couch cushions off standing on the couch!! I said Where is Sophie?? The couch the couch!!!

So I look and see this!
(Disclaimer: My couch is very old and i had to rip a hole in it a few years ago to retrieve my wedding ring)

And This!

URGH!! So we get Sophie out put all of the cushions back.... Have a talk about not doing it again, etc. So I sit down with her to watch a movie....

I hear a noise!! i ask DD Where is Charlie (She is our cat).... DD laughs the couch!!

SO I take all of the cusions off and see

DD swears she did not put Charlie in the couch... Hmmmm So that is why the dog jumped right in!!!


ThreeOliveMartini said...

tooo funny !

Allena said...

i thought that the onlye person who had this problem was me my stupid couch and crazy cat. but i'm glad to find out that i'm not! LOL
that's hilarious!

ttbookjunkie said...

that is so funny!