100 Things about me! (work in progress)

I always see this so I have decided to try!!

1. My real middle name is Dawn. But I use Quinn now...
2. I am married to Joe
3. I have a yarn obsession
4. I have two daughters. One who is an angel in Heaven, Allyson born silently Nov. 1999. And Emily who was born screaming Feb. 2002.
5. I was suppose to be born in February 1976 but I was born November 1975. Talk about early!
6. I weighed two pounds two ounces.
7. I was nicknamed the Mighty Quinn
8. I work with grades K-4 teaching computer
9. I really wanted to be a lawyer
10. I love Law and Order
11. I have a cairn terrier named Sophie!
12. I have a female cat named Charlie
13. I have a black lab named Sam
14. I used to run track! I threw the javelin!
15. I love Dr. Pepper
16. I hate GLITTER!!
17. I am a procrastinator!
18. I do like to drink....
19. I like Rum
20. I like Wine!
21. Mix the two and it is not fun!
22. I played in the band in high school
23. I played the bass guitar and the bass drum!
24. I have a male cat named Daisy!
25. I love to read...
26. I love NASCAR!
27. I have a fear of heights.
28. I lost my mother to cancer in 2000
29. It was 10 months after losing my daughter
30. People say I am strong
31. Honestly I wonder
32. I really have way too much yarn
33. I like to hunt
34. I hunt turkeys
35. I have tried deer hunting
36. I do not have patience
37. I am going to try snowshoeing
38. My mother is my hero