Template Change!!

I have changed my blog template!! I really like it!!
I did cast on for a simple baby blanket. I got three rows done!
Tomorrow is the start of my Thanksgiving break from work!! Yeah!! I do not go back until Monday!! The students had it off all week. We had two teacher workshop days Monday and today.
So, tomorrow is sleeping in, cleaning, knitting, and wearing pajamas!!
Saturday my sister and I went to the Big Lots store! I found great yarn!! Hope to take pictures soon....
Sunday I went to our local Goodwill and purchased two sweaters to recycle the yarn. Of course being winter the prices are higher! But I could not pass up the colors and size of one (it screams make me into a lacy shawl!) and the other was in the kid section for 1.99. I hope to get a chance to sit down and work on those soon.

100% Lambs Wool!

Angora and acrylic I love these colors and the yarn will be very lacy!!

I am also trying to fit in some spinning time!! We will see! With a curious three year old (will be four in Feb.) it is hard!!