Blogging and Frogging!

Yep! Frogging! URGH!! The whole 25 rows of the mystery shawl! But thats okay! I hung on and re-knitted it! Plus, some of clue #2! I changed needles to straight #3's easier right now on my hands! I was using these all plastic rigid circulars I had picked up at a thrift shop. I will just switch to circs when I need to! And buy some nicer ones :)

No pictures yet of the shawl! Hopefully I will have time today! Although I have to work !! urgh!! I am preparing for two days of staff workshops next week!! I am presenting two-- one in the morning on Monday and one in the morning Tuesday!! I teach computer K-4 and these workshops are for District wide! Staff can come together and we take workshops all day, wellness activities and listen to presenters! Mixed reviews and feelings on how our time is being used. But, until they change the requirement nothing I can do!!

So pictures!! Well here are some of my daughter Emily's Turkey she drew!! I loved them !! I drew the typical trace your hand turkey!! She was not impressed! She is three almost four (in Feb.) so she drew me a Turkey!!


A said...

My 6 year old is drawing turkeys for me this morning too, the difference, she's drawing them cooked. Heh.