New blog template... drove me crazy!!

Finally! I found a template I like!! After about 2 hours of playing with this one and that... Then Blogger was not working right! I still don't think they are up to normal speed but we will see!!

On the knitting front... Not much to report! Still plugging away on the socks my co-worker asked me to make...
I am probably going to purchase the Cahrlottw Web Shawl Kit form The Knitting Zone. I am thinking Crayon Catastrophe!

On the home front... Easter at my brothers!! Emily is getting more and more intop the holidays!! (she's three)... So she knows the Easter Bunny is coming!!
Have to fix our bathtub faucet!! You turn the faucets on no water! But it comes out when you turn the shower on!! I am thinking the faucet is clogged with rust and debris! We will see!!


Erica said...

I like the new template. I'm beginning to think that this blog stuff is a full time job. Have a Happy Easter!