Ahhh could life get any worse???

Okay car breaks down.... I go and get the mail yesterday in the mail a rebate check for 61.00 !! WOW!!! Bad news it was from my car insurance company for canceling my polcy!! i never did that!!! So I got no knitting or spinning on my spindle done!! i was on the phone clearing up the situation!! Of course after making many calls!! The company who i personally as well as my husband been with after over 13 years and our parents before that!!! they made me feel like it was all my fault with a payment mistake that they mislead me on!!!! They were not going to reinstate me.... But then they reconsidered!!! I can pay them 235.oo by Friday morning and they will reinstate us!!! But yet they refunded me 61.00 and I supposidly owed them money ??? Plus a survey saying how sorry they were to see me leave!! My husband got home last night I told him the story... Needless to say we are going with Geico i believe!!!

There it is so nice to vent!!!