Well, I did some knitting this weekend. I got a complete pattern repeat on the cuff of Emily's socks done. They are the cloverleaf pattern. I got a couple rounds done on the foot of the waffle sock. And a good amount done on the plain scarf I am doing.

Grocery shopped Saturday morning early and cleaned the rest of the day. That is when I got some knitting done. Sunday morning same thing but went and visited my grandmother. Boy did it thunder and pour last night! And low and behold my car would not start!! Nothing just click click! I am thinking because it rained and was not used since Saturday something got wet... So, my step mom came and got Emily and I and took us to daycare and then to work... A friend here is going to bring me to daycare and then home!! Phew!! Boy if the car does not start when Joe gets home bad mood city!! He will definitly have his cranky pants on!!